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Our Group Services

oryx GROUP uses technologically advanced equipment to offer cleaning services nationally across the country. All of our cleaning products and activities meet stringent international standards. Our committed service means we continuously conduct research on the best products to use, especially where superbugs are on the increase. Our equipment is rigorously maintained and upgrades made when required.

some of our CLIENTS

oryx GROUP’s client base is truly diverse. Our reputation precedes us when it comes to our ability to tailor our service offering to meet the exact needs of each client. For this reason our client list includes state-of-the-art health centres, shopping centres, car and other manufacturers, medical clinics, warehousing companies and so many more.

Specialised Hygiene Services

At the start of every new client relationship, a full site evaluation is be completed and the requirements assessed to ensure the best service. The oryx GROUP uses technologically advanced equipment and all of our cleaning and hygiene activities meet stringent international standards connected with our industry.

Supply of Cleaning, hygiene and waste management staff

High-level cleaning. Escalator cleaning

Waste management services

Pest control

Deep cleaning of ablutions

Specialised floor maintenance

Consultation on infection control

Air quality testing (TMA, O2 & CO2 Levels)

Escalator cleaning

TMC swab testing

Water sample testing

Building condition assessment (technical due diligence)

The oryx GROUP of companies aspires to be leading providers of Cleaning and Hygiene Services in South Africa.