Business & Institution Cleaning & Hygiene Services

Specialised Cleaning and Hygiene Services

oryx GROUP uses technologically advanced equipment to offer cleaning services across South Africa.

All of our cleaning products and activities meet stringent international standards connected with our industry, and we have received numerous company awards for quality and efficiency in cleaning.

Our committed service means we continuously conduct research on the best products to use, especially where superbugs are on the increase. Our equipment is rigorously maintained and upgrades made when required.

oryx GROUP uses technologically advanced equipment to offer cleaning services nationally across the following industries:






Washroom Service

Motor / Transportation


Food & Beverage




How we work

After a consultation with a potential client, a full site evaluation will be completed.
Finalised pricing and expected requirements will be agreed on and a service level agreement will be drawn up.

Equipment and Chemicals

The following equipment will be placed on site and the cost of such is included in the contract price.

  • All equipment needed for cleaning at heights namely cherry pickers etc.
  • All safety equipment and training for working
    at heights.
  • All necessary cleaning chemicals.

Contract Price Includes:

  • All labour and labour-related costs
  • All equipment leases, repairs and insurance costs
  • All loose equipment, chemical and consumable costs
  • Uniforms and protective clothing
  • Public Liability Insurance to a maximum of R30, 000,000.00

Supervised Staff

oryx GROUP’s staff complement is one of the reasons we stand out. Not only are they highly trained, but our management-to-staff ratio is enviable. This enables us to offer our clients the peace of mind that naturally accompanies 24/7 supervision, whether the services needed are on-site or off-site. Professional training is also done on a client-for-client basis, should your specific organisation have unique prerequisites in terms of cleaning and hygiene.


Area Manager: Our Area Manager will conduct regular site visits weekly. Should the need arise this person would also form part of your weekly management meeting.
Regional Manager: Our Regional Manager will conduct regular site visits on a monthly basis. Should there be any need to contact our Management Team or our Directors, please note that they are reachable 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Other Services

Provided inside and outside the scope of cleaning are:

Supply of Maintenance Cleaners, Ad-hoc or Permanent.

Shampooing and Cleaning of Carpets.

Specialised Floor Maintenance.

High-level Cleaning.

Car Park Oil and Petrol Extraction.

Deep Cleaning of Ablutions.

Consultation of Infection Control

Wash Bay Management and Control.

Motor Vehicle Valet Services.

Air Quality Testing (TMA).

Sound Quality Testing (db).

TMC Swab Testing.

Water Sample Testing.

The Oryx Group is associated with:

National Contract Cleaners Association

KZN Cleaning Bargaining Council

Comply with all legislated wage stipulations

National Cleaning Sectorial as per Government Gazette.