Disinfection, Sanitation & Fogging Services


Fogging large and small areas with SaniGuard RTU


Wipe down cleaning & disinfection


Specialised washroom deep-cleanse

Professional Sanitation with Certified Products and Minimal Downtime

  • Kills 99.99% of germs and minimizes the risk of viral infection
  • Our disinfectant has antiviral capabilities which means it can kill a virus, reducing the risk of infection
  • Our SaniGuard RTU offers broad-spectrum disinfection and will kill all poultry viruses, bacteria, fungi,
    mycolpasma, yeasts and algae, including Avian influenza and COVID-19
  • We can sanitise large areas quickly, achieving maximum effectiveness with minimal disruption
  • Applicable for domestic and commercial purposes
  • Products are non-toxic, non-VOC and Eco-friendly and can be used on all surfaces

Professional Deep Cleaning & Sanitisation During COVID 19

We Provide Disinfection / Fogging Services for:

Businesses & Industry

Government Offices

Food Manufacturing

Medical & Healthcare

Public Transport & Areas

Retail Stores & Centres

Childcare & Schools

Hotel & Hospitality

Residential Homes

And more...

The Oryx Group is associated with:

National Contract Cleaners Association

KZN Cleaning Bargaining Council

Comply with all legislated wage stipulations

National Cleaning Sectorial as per Government Gazette.