Retail Cleaning & Hygiene Services

Retail Cleaning & Hygiene Services

Create a clean, healthy and attractive shopping experience for your customers

Oryx Retail is a leading provider of specialised retail cleaning and hygiene services across Southern Africa

A clean, inviting retail environment encourages your shoppers to stay longer and return more often, keeps tenants happy,  and is inviting to potential new stores. We make it easy to keep your centre spotlessly clean.

Oryx Group serves some of the largest shopping malls and retail outlets across the country.
We fully understand your needs and we take pride in creating an exceptional shopping experience for your customers.

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Standard Retail Cleaning Services

Supply of cleaning, hygiene and waste management staff

Deep Cleaning of Ablutions.

Waste management services

Specialised floor cleaning & maintenance

Supply of consumables & equipment

The oryx GROUP uses technologically advanced equipment and all of our cleaning and hygiene activities meet stringent
international standards connected with our industry.

Our service schedules are flexible and can be performed before, during, or after normal operating hours

Specialised Retail Services

Our team also offers various specialised cleaning & maintenance services for your retail environment:

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The Oryx Group is associated with:

National Contract Cleaners Association

KZN Cleaning Bargaining Council

Comply with all legislated wage stipulations

National Cleaning Sectorial as per Government Gazette.