Agricultural Cleaning & Hygiene Services

Agricultural Cleaning Services

Specialised mobile cleaning services for remote agricultural organisations

Oryx is a leading provider of specialised agricultural cleaning and hygiene services across Southern Africa

Oryx Group provides a specialised environmental cleaning service catering to the highly challenging hygiene requirements of the agricultural sector.

Good hygiene is particularly important where livestock is involved, and a clean environment can ensure good health and performance. Oryx aims to provide a cleaning and disinfection programme for agricultural clients that will minimise the risk of disease, ensure the welfare of animals, and provide assurances on food safety issues. 

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Specialised Agricultural Cleaning Services

Insect & disease cleaning & control

Dust removal & pressure washing

Cleaning water and feeding systems

Disinfection & fumigation

Specialised mobile equipment & support systems

The oryx GROUP uses technologically advanced equipment and all of our cleaning and hygiene activities meet stringent
international standards connected with our industry.

Our service schedules are flexible and can be performed before, during, or after normal operating hours

Specialised Remote Cleaning Equipment & Support Services

Our team also offers various specialised cleaning & maintenance services for your retail environment:

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    National Cleaning Sectorial as per Government Gazette.