Top Regional & Area Managers | June 2022

Our winners (from left to right): Rachel Magwasha, top regional manager (Gauteng South) with her assistant Morongwa; Princess Sithole: top area manager (Gauteng South); Elizabeth Monamodi, runner up for top area manager (Gauteng North)

Rachel has won every single Exerce competition since the last quarter of 2019 up to this point, bar one. The one that she didn’t win was last year when she was on maternity leave. But even then her region still won (Tebogo stood in for her and won that competition). Rachel’s leadership is outstanding. She moved over from Gauteng North to Gauteng South at the beginning of this year. On her first competition in charge of Gauteng South she won, again. Interesting fact – Rachel started to work for us as a locker room attendant.

Second from left: Morongwa. Rachel accepted the request to move from Gauteng North to Gauteng South, on one condition: she had to take Morongwa with her. Morongwa is the perfect regional assistant and plays a big part in the success of the region. Morongwa has been Rachel’s assistant in every Exerce competition that she has won. The Regional Assistant doesn’t merely do admin and pay outs for the regional manager. She also meets with the area managers, checks their inspection reports, does their Bakkie Pakkie inspections and manages their logistical requirements. Morongwa (her name means “Angel” in Sepedi) is a true team player and a pleasure to work with. Morongwa started as a cleaner as well.

Third from left: Princess Sithole: top area manager for the second time running. She used to work under Rachel in Gauteng North when she won the previous competition. She is currently working under Rachel in Gauteng South. She looks after some high profile clubs, starting out as a cleaner and then becoming our Northgate supervisor.

Strong leadership = happy region. Rachel celebrating with her Gauteng South team.

Morongwa receiving her award as top regional assistant

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