Oryx Retail Staff Congratulations

The dedication and passion of the Team at Pavilion Mall is beyond words. With a blend of anticipation, excitement and hard work, the team has exceeded all client expectations. The team received raving reviews from the Client for their tireless effort in delivering exceptional service. Their collective commitment to excellence has not only earned them the appreciation of the client but also set a standard of great care that inspires others. We extend our sincere congratulations and gratitude to the team, their commitment and excellence serves as a shining example to all reinforcing our shared vison of providing the best possible service to our clients.

Well done to the team at Westgate Mall for receiving this amazing compliment from the Client, even more so over a weekend when the mall is busy – you still did your best to maintain the cleaning standards! Dayshift team you can be very PROUD of yourselves!

The Tyger “Special Team” as they are known. Centre Management asked for a miracle, and they stepped up. Here they are seen being
rewarded for acting swiftly!

Mimosa Mall employee of the month goes to Joseph Khomo (Operator). Logan, the Site Manager, says: “I want to express my appreciation for his hard work, loyalty, and dedication. I just want to highlight that Joseph has never been absent from work for the past 3 years and never reported late for duty, and he is always in full uniform. Thank you Joseph for being an example of a proud Oryx employee!”

Another shining staff member award goes to Tumahole Tsumane at Mimosa Mall. The cleanliness of his facilities is very impressive. Underneath the toilets and urinals, the walls, corners, and behind the basins are spotless ALL THE TIME. Thank you Tumahole for going above and beyond!

Our dayshift staff member Minah, at Cresta Mall, received a special gift and a heartfelt compliment for her outstanding service. Well done Minah, we value you!

Congratulations to our team at Menlyn Mall for achieving an outstanding checklist score of 72% – massive improvement from previous checklist score of 45%. The aim was 60% but the team worked long hours and went above and beyond! 😊 Welldone to our Head of Standard;Agnes Tsame and Regional Manager Linda Selogiloe for your support to achieving this score. 80% is in reach team!

Well done to the Nobel Park Team – we are so proud of the effort you put in. The team finally achieved the elusive 80% on the checklist

Our team at Rynfield Square received an awesome compliment from a customer and she requested that the team take a video of the 3of them together. The customer complimented the ladies and said that it is the cleanest ablution that she has ever been in. Well done ladies!

The Oryx Group is associated with:

National Contract Cleaners Association

KZN Cleaning Bargaining Council

Comply with all legislated wage stipulations

National Cleaning Sectorial as per Government Gazette.